Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cats Vs Zombies

I recently crocheted two zombies for two different kitties.
The first was a mouse zombie.
The head is just a cone shape that I did by alternating rows of single crochet with increasing rows. I then decreased for a few rounds and increased again to give the appearance of a neck. Towards the bottom, I changed to red to make the zombie mouse look like it had been torn in half. It’s ears and right eye are just small circles and the left eye is actually the horn from the giraffe pattern. Inside the mouse is fiberfill and a coffee filter filled with organic catnip.
The next zombie I made was a for my brother’s cat, and this was inspired by a short story I had read about zuvembies (female zombies).
The head and torso are one continuous piece and the limbs are attached. While making the torso, I switched to red and alternated between red and yellow to make it seem like it was bleeding from the missing arm. For the most part, the  red yarn is carried on the inside of the torso so that it can’t be seen. In some places it is carried underneath some stitches to give it more of a bloody effect. To do the hair, I made a cap of the same color. I then attached the pieces of yarn to the cap and the cap to the head. This one is also stuffed with fiberfill and organic cat nip.

In the battle of cats vs. zombies, I think the cats are winning :)

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