Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recycled Yogurt Planters: Every Day Should Be Earth Day!

When I saw the yarn box project on the lion brand website, I couldn’t wait to try it. What a great way to recycle old boxes and containers!
To make this project, I started with some variegated yarn, crazy glue, and a washed yogurt container.
First I carefully poked holes in the yogurt container bottom, because I wanted to use it for some of my basil sprouts.
I then glued the yarn around the container while being careful to make sure it stayed in a neat little row. Once I got to the top, I secured the yarn end with glue under the lip of the container.
Voilà! A cute little planter.
I enjoyed this project because it was quick and easy. Plus my herbs will fit perfectly on my window sills.
Though this project is wonderful, there are two things I will do differently for the rest of the seedlings. I am not going to use crazy glue for the rest because, #1 it smells downright foul, and #2 it is not fun to get off your fingers. The second thing I am going to do is experiment with a different type of material. I found that the yarn is not the best for a project that involves dirt and water. For the rest of the planters, I think I will try a type of twine. This hot pink one seems like it would make a very nice flower pot!

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