Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recycled Plastic Bag Crochet

You know those plastic bag’s that literally beg to be recycled?

"Won't you please recycle me?"
I had heard someplace that you can crochet with them, so I decided to give it a try. I googled it, and found these instructions on how to crochet an air pot with “plarn”. Air pots allow the roots to grow through the holes rather than clumping and wrapping around the bottom of the pot. They are then pruned by the air, which encourages new growth to come from the base of the plant. They also allow for drainage and air circulation.
All that you need for this project is scissors, a crochet hook and a bunch of plastic bags.
Step 1: Fold the plastic bag and cut one inch thick plastic strips that you will use as yarn.
Step 2: Take the loops and attach them to each other. You slip one loop through another, and then slip it through its self.
Step 3: Crochet as you normally would.
I found the plarn to be a little difficult to use with the magic circle, so I made two chain stitches and crocheted my first round into the second chain from the hook.
To make the basket shape you just crochet in a spiral (continious round), in the amigurumifashion.
Round one should have 6 or 9 stitches, depending on how flexible you find the material.
Make your stitches loose, because the plastic doesn’t slide as easily as yarn.
In each subsequent round the amount of increases should equal the same amount of stitches as your first round until you get to the width of the pot that you want.
This is a pretty simple pattern: Round 2: 2sc in each st. Round 3: *2sc in the first st and 1sc in the next* Repeat till the end of the round. Round 4: 2sc, 1sc twice. Round 5: 2sc, 1sc tree times. If you keep increasing your stitches in this way, your circle will grown until you get to the desired size. If you started with 6 stitches in the first round, it will increase by 6 stitches in each round. If you would like to follow more precise directions to this pattern, you can find them here.
When you have reached your desired width, begin putting a single crochet in each stitch. This will give your pot height.
When your pot is done, add dirt and some plants. The pot I made now has basil and cilantro. What would you make with plarn?


  1. question... how is the plant surviving now??

  2. It was a gift for a friend, so I am not really sure. I think that the basil lived and the cilantro died.